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Alexander Razmakhnin, M.Sc. Eng., Oracle CJP, IBM CS

Java EE Developer Lead/Architect Consultant

Reliability status/security clearance


Skills Summary

Languages, utilities, standards, frameworks

Java,  JEE, SOA, C#, .NET, C++, JAX-WS, SOAP, JAX-RS (REST), Axis, Hessian, Portal, Portlets, C, C++, Perl, JSP, JSF, AJAX, Flex, jQuery mobile, different dialects of SQL, iBatis, Hibernate, EJB, HTML, CSS, JHTML, XML, Java Script, ActionScript, Spring, Struts, Lucene, OS/400 APIs, Oracle OCI, CPI-C, ODBC, JDBC, RPGII - RPGIV, COBOL/400, IBM Smalltalk, AS/SET, Synon, MS Access, Eclipse, Rational Developer, ClearCase, ClearQuest, CVS, IBM Web Content Manager, Maven, Ant, IBM Forms Designer, IBM Forms Experience Builder, Bootstrap, AngularJS

Operating Systems

Linux, Unix (Solaris, SCO, HP), AIX, OS/400, SSP, Windows, Windows CE

Web/Application Servers, containers, content management

Apache, IIS, IBM HTTP,  JBoss, Glassfish, ATG Dynamo, WebSphere Portal, WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus, Tomcat, BlazeDS, Red5, TeamSite Interwoven

Data Bases

Oracle, MS SQL, DB2, DB2/400, Sybase, MySQL, Windows CE Object Store


Financial Services, Public services, Distribution, Manufacturing, Health Care, Education Services, Entertainment


Education and certificates

09/1985-07/1991. M.Sc. Eng. in Automation and Robotics from Moscow State Technical University.


2012. Oracle Certified Professional (Java Programmer)

2011. Developing SOA with IBM WebSphere Integration Developer

2008. IBM WebSphere Portal course

2008. Canadian Securities Institute: Anti-Money Laundering

2002. Canadian Securities Institute: Operations Course

1999. IBM Certified Specialist (RPG Programmer)

1998. Canadian Securities Institute: Securities Course

1993-1995. IBM Certificates in AS/400 and RS/6000 programming, administration and marketing

1992. Trained in BPCS and CASE AS/SET by SSA



Employment History

03/2014 – present: National Bank of Canada (contract)

Senior Application Development Consultant


Full-time contract.
At National Bank Alexander is a part of Agile Application development team for NBCN Portal ( List of the projects and responsibilities:
•        NBCN Portal ATG to Liferay portal over WebSphere conversion
        Proof of concept and design:
                Move Web application from non-Java EE to Java EE version 6, JDK 1.7
                NBCN Portal REST framework
                Doc to Pdf conversion tools
                Convert custom web applications from ATG application server to Websphere 8
                Developing maven based automated deployment from RTC into Dev/Test/Prod environment
                Portlets with jQuery based UI with Restful business layer           
•        NBCN Portal maintenance and enhancement
•        Trade Advice and Mutual fund transactions upload to ISM
•        Custody Fee processing (RPG, CLP on iSeries)
•        SWIFT messages parsing (C#, .NET on Windows)
A list of technology used:
Java, J2EE (Java EE), SOA, Websphere, ATG, C#, .NET, JSP, CSS, JavaScript, json, Ajax, jQuery, Spring, Hibernate, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, Web Services, JDBC, XML, JNDI, Stored procedures, MS SQL, Sybase, Linux, AIX


08/2012 – present: City of Markham (contract)

WebSphere Portal and IBM Forms consultant.


At The Corporation of the City of Markham for a year I was a part of a Portal development team with direct reporting to Manager Applications & GIS. Due to my success in a previous role City of Markham invited me to work on fix price projects with the next objectives:
·                Design and development native Websphere Portal 8 responsive theme. The theme supposes to work in desktop, tablet and smartphones browsers. The theme supposes to follow high accessibility standards adopted by City of Markham.
·                Modify existing applications: News, rotating banners, events and other to make them responsive
·                Develop several tens of ecommerce forms using IBM Forms Experience Builder with J2EE backend
·                Finalize and deploy SSO
·                Development and design of a custom portlets framework
·                Development of custom portlets:

Tax view, Services view, Summer camp registration, People Finder

·                Site optimization for Google search: theme optimization, URL filter, sitemap portlet



The work done on a full-time contract basis:
·                Design and development of Online services- ecommerce part of with IBM Forms 8 and IBM Forms Experience Builder
·                Architect, design and development Authentication and Single Sign On
·                Consulting for Websphere Portal 6.1.5 to 8 migration
·                Optimization and turning
 Additional to my main task to deliver the applications to business units I played a key role in reviewing existing applications and suggesting the way to improve design and coding styles by educating other team members in the latest IT industry trends.
 A list of technology used:
 Java, J2EE (Java EE), SOA, Websphere Portal, JSP, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, Dojo, Portlets, Spring, Hibernate, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, Web Services, Spring Portlet MVC, JDBC, XML, JNDI, Stored procedures, MS SQL, Sybase, Oracle, MS Access, Linux, AIX, JAAS, Security Filters, Trust Association Interceptor, LDAP, IBM Forms Designer, IBM Forms Experience Builder
05/2013 – 02/2014: Daily Racing Form (part-time contract)

Java EE and WEB UI consultant.


Provided help with moving existing to new hardware, after the application successfully migrated invited for on-call maintenance of the application. 


The development consists in patching Java EE applications deployed mostly to Glassfish 3 with backend in Sybase (ASE). The project requires very wide knowledge set in various technologies including network, JEE, BlazeDS; frameworks like Spring, Struts, XLS templates, messaging, and other; user interface development: JSP, CSS, Flex, Javascript…

01/2007 – 08/2012: National Bank of Canada (contract)
Senior Java EE Developer/Architect/Technical Lead


At National Bank I've been playing a key role in applications design and complex software architecture. My responsibilities included systems documentation and development of application frameworks and templates. I was involved in proof of concepts to define foundation architecture.


As a senior member of a team I provided leadership, mentoring, and technical expertise to help creating an atmosphere of a productive contribution of each member of the team into the projects we were responsible for. Over the last several years we adopted Agile SDLC methodology. I played all the roles in the software development process: gathering requirements directly from clients, prepare Impact Analysis, BRD, and estimates, architecture, design, development, testing with QA team or directly with client, and implementation. As a result of my involvement into the projects I managed to form a team which is capable to deliver products on time with minimum bugs.


Here is a list of some projects at National Bank:

·         National Bank corporate portal deployed to WebSphere Portal. I designed and developed all the custom portlets according to BRD and architecture provided by Enterprise Architecture department. After portlets were done, I customized themes and skins to render a layout in accordance with a corporate design.

·         Introduced, architected and implemented Axis2, JBossWS, CXF Web Services frameworks over JBoss, Tomcat, ATG into National Bank infrastructure.

·         NBCN Web Portal ( is the core web application developed by our team. It is used by Investment Advisors of NBCN Member firms and by NBF back office. It is about 40,000 clients. The website recognized as one of the best in the financial research market with a high customer satisfaction rate. Mobile version was implemented in 2011. For the presentation layer, I have introduced a framework based on Flex.

·         The family of PCIS sites has more than 60,000 distinct clients; National Bank Direct Brokerage ( is an instance for National Bank clients. I was responsible for the pages related to research information about stocks, ETF, Economics; additionally I am participated in development of the PCIS site's mobile version.

·         Back and front office services: Commissions calculator, Bonds Yields calculator, GIC and Bond Rates Services, and Live Exchange rates calculator as a Web page and Web Service.

·         I participated in corporate initiative to promote SOA into National Bank infrastructure, including the preparation of proof of concept for Foundation Portal project based on IBM SOA platform.

·         Based on plugin type architecture, I have designed and developed a Self-heal server- a JEE application. This application permits to monitor server, fix problems or/and send an email to an operator and clients informing them about the fault.

·         Based on Lucene, I have designed and developed A Search server. The search results retrievable as Web and BlaseDS services. Also, the server being configurable at run time can index various document sources such as files, folders, SQL queries, URLs. As a result, several Web and Java clients have been developed and deployed across the Bank.

·         I have designed and developed a Universal loader which as a reliable and configurable workflow-based application allows to grab files from different external locations and to publish them with metadata parsed from XML in various formats.


A list of technology used:

Java, J2EE (Java EE), SOA, JBoss, ATG Dynamo, Tomcat, Eclipse, Rational Software Architect, Websphere Integration Developer, JSP, JSF, ASP, Perl, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery mobile, WebSphere Portal, WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere Enterpise Service Bus, Portlets, Flex, BlazeDS, Spring, iBatis, Hibernate, JBoss WS, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, Axis2 Web Services, Lucene, Spring, EJB, JDBC, XML, JMS, JNDI, Stored procedures, MS SQL, MySql, Sybase, Oracle, IIS, IBM HTTP server, UNIX, Linux, AIX, AS/400


03/2003 – 12/2006: IBM Canada (contract)

Java Lead Developer


As a Lead Developer I was a main source of expertise in choosing technical solutions and tools for the team. I was responsible for designing program templates and mentoring members of the team in development and implementation of complex software systems. As a result of the collaborative work of all the team members, we have achieved a CMMI level 3 compliance development model. As a part of FundSERV implementation project I was rewarded with a team award.

·         Working on NBCN Portal ( development and performing day-to-day support, I have introduced Ajax-based development for the portal pages. I replaced Verity search engine by Lucene.

·         Working with the National Bank Financial Wealth Management website (, I was responsible for the development of equities research pages.

·         I have designed and developed XML Parser which is used in many loading applications, viz., it parses XML from different formats into DB. Some of the implementations are used to load RIXML ( and FIXML ( files.

·         Moved NBF Bond desk from an excel-based application to web.


A list of technology used:

Java, J2EE , Dynamo ATG, Tomcat, Eclipse, Rational Unified Process, JSP, ASP, JavaScript, Ajax, JDBC, Lucene, JDBC, XML, MQ Series, RMI, Stored procedures, MS SQL, Sybase, RPG, MS Access, UNIX, AS/400, Axis Web Services, IIS


07/1999 – 02/2003 National Bank Financial (contract)

Senior Programmer/Analyst


·         NBCN Portal ( development and day-to-day support.

·         Designed and developed Java cross-platform financial data synchronization.

·         Designed and developed cross-platform account and transactions web inquiry application with direct inquiries to AS/400 stored procedures.

·         Front and back office development on AS/400: First Marathon to NBF integration project, prime brokerage data base maintenance programs, accounts transfer system, reconciliation reports, trades data entry.


A list of technology used:

AS/400, RPG, COBOL, MS Access, Java, J2EE, MS/SQL, ATG dynamo, Tomcat, Struts, ASP, IIS, Sybase


11/1998 –06/1999 WorldPack Inc. (contract)

Senior Programmer/Analyst and AS/400 Administrator


·         Interconnected offices through Internet. Installed and administrated WEB, POP servers on AS/400. AS/400, S36, X25, TCP/IP administration, support.

·         Automated quotes system. The program converts any type of data to internal quote files. It analyzes entered information. AS/400 Electronic Parts catalog developed.

·         Data Cleanup, Y2K, S/36 to AS/400 conversion.

·         A+ distribution package Support and new Development (Sales module, Warehouse, Purchasing, AR, AP, GL)


A list of technology used:




02/1998 – 10/1998 First Marathon Securities Ltd (contract)

Senior Programmer/Analyst


As a part of an application development team, I was working in a Field Expansion project which involved modification of theg existing back office report programs and data loaders from ISM. I developed date conversion utility.  


A list of technology used:

AS/400, RPG, COBOL, MS Access


02/1998 – present AServer Inc.

Founder, Project Manager, Developer


Part-time I am developing for various clients to support my knowledge in the latest technologies. Below is the list of the projects I was involved in.

·         WordPress sites:

·         Developed javaScript suite for testing choir json rest web services. Modified choirs REST web services.

·         Psychological help

·         Online parts order entry and electronic catalog

·         Windows based health analyzer device Driver development

·         Medical research website

·         Medical research application on Palm.

·         Windows Interpreters and Travel agency applications.

·         Lotto Application development on a custom build Windows CE device (Spielo LottoVerimax) My task included Barcode Reader, Smart-Card Reader, Printer and LCD screen device drivers development as well as C++ user interface.


A list of technology used:

J2EE, JSP, Windows 95/CE, C++, MFC, HTML, Java Script, Flex, MS Access, TCP

Sockets, DDK, RPG, Palm-Sized PC, Spielo LottoVerimax


07/1992 – 01/1998

I developed applications on AS/400 (iSeries), UNIX, and Windows with different back-end data bases including Oracle and DB2/400. I used C++, C, RPG, COBOL, SQL, MS Access, AS/SET, Genexus. Here is a list of some of my projects:

·         Senior Instructor at IBM EE/A Education Center in AS/400 and Unix

·         JBI credit cards support application. My tasks: Oracle database design, SQL scripts and procedures, Oracle Reports, C programs to collect and distribute information to institutions. Design and Oracle development team leader

·         Health Care information Data Base. My tasks: DB development and administration. Oracle database design, SQL scripts and procedures, C/OCI programs to collect and analyze information.

·         School busses administration application

·         President and CEO of AServer Ltd. The company offered maintenance, data warehouse, data entry, and development services. It was about 65 people on payroll in 1995

·         Manager of information technology and security systems at one of the Moscow banks

·         Developed and deployed DB applications for Russian parliament

·         Participated in development of applications for Ministry of Labor of Russia

·         AS/400 admin and development for BMW